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Urban Planning

We believe that by building the city well, within the city, we protect the  open spaces & environment. A project can be a series of buildings or it can be spaces made for living life. We believe that what is sometimes seen as a constraint is actually an asset waiting to realize it's potential.

Colorado Land Advisor's goal is to help each project realize
it's greatest potential. Our design ideas "take a space and turn 

it into a place", a place that people want to live in.


Site Design

At Colorado Land Advisor we are real estate entrepreneurs who are passionate about Western Colorado. The lifestyle of the western mountains and desert canyons provide a great backdrop for an incredible home. As Accredited Urban Planners and Civil Engineers we have experienced in what people call "home". From these experiences we understand how to design great sites.  


Stormwater Management

Many communities and subdivisions built since 1990 are facing the prospect of needing to address the impacts of stormwater runoff as part of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Phase II Stormwater Program, commonly referred to as simply the Phase II Rule. Phase II, is the second component of a two part program to improve the quality of the nation's streams, rivers, lakes, and estuaries by managing stormwater runoff from urban and suburban areas, construction projects, and industrial sites. Phase I, began in 1990. The Phase II program is the next step and covers smaller municipalities, urban subdivisions, and construction sites over 1 acre. All Subdivision HOA's are bound by this ruling.

Colorado Land advisor's Unique Services

Land Planning Services

* Land Planning
* Market Research and Analysis Studies

* Project Design

* Market Strategies Development
* Regulatory Approvals Navigation
* Building Design Concepts
* Development Application Processing
* Subdivision of Land
* Project Report and Submittal
* Phase 1 Limited Environmental Assessment
* Transaction Screen Process Evaluation
* Construction Management
* Stormwater Best Management Practices
* Post Construction Compliance 

How should I manage the zoning on my property?

 First, get an understanding of what zoning  is currently on your property and what possible zones can be applied to  your property. Second, understand neighboring properties, how  they are zoned, and if any of them are thinking of developing. How do  you do this? Have Colorado Land Advisor perform a Market Development  Study for you 

What does the City of Grand Junction's Comprehensive Plan mean for my property?

 It most certainly changes the value of your  property.  Not your property taxes. The actual long  term value of your property and your ability to develop it in the future  is determined by the plan you develop. Colorado Land Advisor will assess your project's value.  Through the Comprehensive Plan new zoning and densities are  being put on land throughout the valley. An examination of your parcels  will reveal what impacts the Comprehensive Plan has on you as a  developer and land owner. 

What governmental regulations do I have to follow to develop my land?

 The local Land Use Authority, often the  City or County in which you live, has regulatory authority to impose  fees, regulations, and restrictions upon how you develop your private  land. In order to minimize the impact of these costly regulations an  assessment by one of our experts can put you on a path to minimizing  costs and time while maximizing the development potential, thus the  return on investment. 

How does my property fit into my over all financial portfolio?

Land has always been good investment. With  the changes in the market in the last 3 years the potential for growth  is being reshaped. A wise investor will start developing a plan for  their property now. As the economy begins to grow again their project  will be shovel ready and can quickly be capitalized and built. Invest  while costs are low and sell when high. With the current economic times  labor and development costs are low. Now is the time to start shaping  your land portfolio