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Residential Subdivision


Cobblestone Ridges - Redlands, CO

Velo Ridge -  Redlands, CO.

Harmony Subdivision - Grand Junction, CO

Pear Meadows – Grand Junction, CO 

Sage Meadows - Grand Junction, CO 

Bear Point - Grand Junction, CO 

Leadership Circle 28 Rd Concept - GJ, CO 

Northwest Sage - Cedaredge, CO 

Homefront - Mesa County, CO 

Franklin Townhomes - Grand Junction, CO 

Apex River - Grand Junction, CO 

JRL Holdings 1.0 - Grand Junction, CO 

Arabesque Subdivision - GJ, CO 

Tooker Subdivision - Grand Junction, CO 

Xerxes Subdivision - Alamosa County, CO 

Lookout Point - Grand Junction, CO 

Graff Meadows - Grand Junction, CO 

Brookwillow Village 5 - Grand Junction, CO 

Harrogate Subdivision - Mesa County, CO 

Brookfield North - Grand Junction, CO
Independence Estates- Redlands, CO 

SummerHill Stormwater - GJ, CO
Halls Estates - Grand Junction, CO 

Elmwood Heights - Fruita, CO
Westland Estates - Grand Junction, CO
West Branch - Grand Junction, CO
Autumn Glenn - Grand Junction, CO
Autumn Glenn II - Grand Junction, CO
Mesa Estates - Grand Junction, CO
Riverside Subdivision- Parachute, CO
Garfield Estates - Grand Junction, CO
Pinnacle Ridge - Grand Junction, CO
University Village Apartments - GJ, CO
Coronado Villas Condos – Mesa County, CO
River Bridge Apartments - GJ, CO
Cimarron Mesa - Grand Junction, CO
Cimarron Mesa II - Grand Junction, CO
Peach Hill PUD - Grand Junction, CO
Horse Mountain Ranches – Palisade, CO
Mountain Vista Lodge – Avon, CO
Grand Timber Lodge - Breckenridge, CO
Peony Heights Subdivision – Redlands, CO
Peony Heights II Subd – Redlands, CO
Riverside Mountain Villas - Beaver Creek, CO
Vail Streamside Condominiums – Vail, CO
Country Meadows F2 Replat – Mesa County
Bella Dimora – Grand Junction, CO
Abel Subdivision – Grand Junction, CO
Berry Glen – Mesa County, CO
Autumn Glenn Condominium Plats - GJ, CO
Mockingbird Lane Subd. – Redlands CO
The Adobes – Mesa County CO
Beehive Subdivision – Grand Junction, CO
Country Jam Ranch – Mack, CO

Pepper Ridge Townhouses – GJ, CO

Whitewater Ranches – Whitewater, CO
The Willows – Clifton, CO
Ridges Multifamily – Redlands Colorado 

Gold Hill Development - Summit County, CO 

Commercial & Mixed-Use


Grand Central Plaza - Grand Junction, CO

Dyer / Redlands Middle School Replat

 The Confluence Mixed Use Development - Grand Junction, CO 

GreenGrows I & II Site Plans -
513 Independent – Grand Junction, CO
685 Gunnison – Grand Junction, CO
Alcan Spring – Mesa County CO
Hot Shot Site Plan – Grand Junction, CO
3001 E Road Site Plan – Grand Junction, CO
2992 North Ave Site Plan / Change of Use – Grand Junction, CO
Por le Noche Farms – Costilla County
Bus Stop 4 – Redlands Colorado

The Confluence

Industrial Developments


Monument Powder Coatings - Fruita, CO

LP Plant Redevelopment - Olathe, CO 

 NV Industrial Park – Mesa County 

RSC Rental – Clifton Colorado 

FTSI Industrial Development– Parachute, CO   

GJ Pick A Part - Grand Junction, CO 

Barbour Wash Wetlands Bank - Mesa County CO 

Indian Road Industrial Subdivision - Grand Junction, CO 

Indian Road Industrial Park - 16 Site Plans

Lang Industrial Park - Grand Junction, CO 

Fruita Industrial Park – Fruita, CO 

 391 Indian Road Industrial Condominiums – Grand Junction, CO 

393 Indian Road Industrial Condominiums – Grand Junction, CO 

 Brady Trucking Site Plan Evaluation – Grand Junction, CO 

Printers Park Industrial Park – Grand Junction, CO